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10/03/08 12:20 PM #57    


Barbara Froehlich (Henderson)

Maria - do you know if there is any local advertsing for the show (Beacon, Newsday, etc??) I know quite a few people I have told from other classes that are really looking forward to it. How are ticket sales going? Let me know if there is anything I can do to help that night. I am getting really excited!!! I love road trips to LI and knowing I can get sooo much visiting done in one place is awesome. There is never enough time when I visit! I'll be up for a week - so watch out Babylon, here I come!!!

10/05/08 10:30 PM #58    

Maria Cotto (Gargano)

That's the great thing about the BVEF...they've got all the connections. The Beacon is advertising and Channel 12 news and Newsday both have a 'What's happening around town' that will advertise this event.....I hope we pack the house....It's my understanding the auditorium (Rowe Hall) has been refurbished and our old wooden seats are gone and have been replaced by new comfy seats....can't wait to see the stage.

10/06/08 04:01 PM #59    

Thomas Mills

I sincerly want to thank all the dedicated people who put forth the effot to pull this thing together. Rememnber it will probably be another 30yrs before we meet again. Life gets in the way.-----tom-----

10/07/08 09:25 AM #60    


Barbara Froehlich (Henderson)

Shoot - I'm hoping to see everyone in about another 10. My parents still go to their Babylon HS reunions - I think they just had their 50th last year! They also have what they call "Babylon Reunions" every couple of years down in Florida because so many of their friends live there. Not related to school at all, just lots of Babylonians (don't want to use former, because once a Babylonian, always one). My great-grandmother, grandmother, and parents were all raised there and my bro is still there with his kids, so the roots are solid.

10/07/08 09:04 PM #61    

Tina Verdino

Florida- now you are talking- remember you have friends here .
Our beaches are beautiful.
Tina Verdino

10/15/08 12:06 PM #62    

Maria Cotto (Gargano)

When my mom married my step-dad one of the things they agreed upon was moving back to Babylon when his youngest graduated hs....which they did. We celebrated my youngest step-brothers wedding this past weekend and a lot of our old teachers/families were invited and they all still have strong ties to Babylon. I live close by in West Islip but my son takes his skateboard to Babylon regularly with his buddies. West Islip still does not have much of a 'town' and I love the fact that he can exercise his independence in a safe place. If we could buy my old house...we probably would.

10/18/08 09:33 AM #63    

Maria Cotto (Gargano)

Barbara, Linda, all volunteered to help out with Gregg's show...would you like to usher? Basically just get there a little early (6pm) and hand out programs. I can't believe it's less than a week away!

10/19/08 12:10 PM #64    


Barbara Froehlich (Henderson)

I will be there early - may have Susan Skelly and Betty Lou with me if we need extra hands!!! I am really excited!!!

10/19/08 09:15 PM #65    

Doug Downs

Hey Barbara-
how did you like the beach today? I haven't seen the water that high in a long time! see you soon

10/20/08 12:12 PM #66    


Barbara Froehlich (Henderson)

Doug - my husband went to five different spots yesterday trying to find a beach to walk on. As he stood on the top of the beach access steps, watching the bottom step blowing in the breeze, he watched huge chunks of the dune disappear with every wave. Maybe someday I will have oceanfront property! See you soon!!! Barbara

10/22/08 10:15 AM #67    

Keely Horton (Harris)

I wanted to thank Maria (Cotto) Haber for pulling together the play for us and for the whole community of Babylon graduates of all classes. Maria's help was beyond the call of duty. Please anybody who sees her Friday night make sure you thank her...because Saturday at the reunion will be too late...she will not be joining us. So kudos to you old friend and you will be truly missed on Saturday night... maybe we can get her to change her mind...


10/22/08 12:03 PM #68    

Maria Cotto (Gargano)

No thanks necessary....I was motivated by purely selfish reasons....I had missed Gregg's performance at the Boulton Center and just wanted to see his show. My husband and I have a business/dinner function that we cannot wiggle out of on Sat. eve....but I'd love to see some fellow classmates Sunday morning at the clam bar (Cooper Street).
Please everyone tell all your fellow Babylonians in your immediate circle to come down and see Gregg's show. It would be great if we could give him a sizeable audience.

10/22/08 01:04 PM #69    


Barbara Froehlich (Henderson)

any idea on how many people have pre-purchased tickets or are planning to come. let's try and pack the house!!!

10/27/08 08:18 AM #70    

Joann Larosa (Mahr)

Dear Classmates of '78 or in my case '98 I just want to say thank you for the opportunity to see so many of the finest people I've had the privilage to know in our class.The night went way to fast and time seem to stand still for a few hours thanks again for an unforgetable night. You guys are the best. Love Joann Mahr aka LaRosa

10/27/08 06:49 PM #71    

Susan Skelly

Joanne I agree with you the weekend was great. Just not enough time to really catch up.Hope anyone that is still local will get together again sooner than another 10 year. Maybe we can go out once a month for dinner or drinks.
Oh by the way myself, Barbara Froehlich and Betty Lou went to the beach on Sunday Where was Everyone?

10/27/08 07:04 PM #72    

Susan Skelly

Can anyone that took pictures please post them on the web site my camera bombed out about 5 minutes after the reunion started.

10/27/08 07:12 PM #73    

Maria Cotto (Gargano)

Keely, thank you for a beautiful weekend!
It was a tremendous undertaking...accolades to all!

10/27/08 11:18 PM #74    

David Hakki

I would like to say to Keely , Mark and all of the other committee members thank you for all of the organizing and effort you all put into the reunion weekend. It was truly was very special. I very much enjoyed myself. Thank you does not say it enough.

10/28/08 07:04 AM #75    

Randy Funk

Wow. What a weekend.
First of all, kudos to Mark, Keely, and everyone else that was in any way involved with the planning and execution of the reunion. Great job, all. As I told Stan before I left on Saturday night, you guys did such a great job, I vote you be in charge of the next one (I won't tell you Stan's response; let's just say it sounded an awful lot like my last name!).
Second, my apologies to anybody I might have missed on Saturday. There just was not enough time to get to talk to everybody on Saturday, and unfortunately, family obligations kept me from attending the brunch on Sunday. Four hours isn't enough to catch up on 30 years!
Finally, I know lots of people were snapping away with their digitals all weekend. If you all would like to e-mail them to me, I'll try to put together a little photo montage and post it up on U-Tube. My e-mail is Just put "BHS reunion pics" in the subject line so I don't delete it thinking it's spam if I don't recognize your e-mail addy. I'll be posting my own pics here on the web site as soon as I can - hopefully by the weekend.
I hope this web site will be a way for all of us to keep in touch for a while. And if any of you do any Christmas shopping in Manhattan this year, please stop by the World of Disney, 5th Ave. and 55th Street and say hello. I'm usually there on Friday evening, as well as all day Saturday and Sunday during the holiday season. You can find me in the third floor art gallery. And if you buy the New York City Mickey Mouse pin I designed, I'll even autograph it for you - no charge (lol)!
May the Force be with you!

10/28/08 04:12 PM #76    

Meredith Lincoln (Borruso)

Oh what a NIGHT! I had such a blast seeing you all. And I agree with Sue and Randy - definitely not enough time to see all of you and catch up on the last 30 years. Everyone looked FABULOUS and I can't wait to do it again. I took good amount of pictures and am trying to upload them to the site. Steven Barnes - YOU ARE TOO FUNNY! I'm glad you did make it, even if you only got 1 or 2 drinks at the reunion. Nice showing at the "after party" as well. I love you guys!!!

10/28/08 04:27 PM #77    

Susan Skelly

I think Brian McGuire , Steven Barber and Billy Berry get the prize for looking the most like there year book pictures and the girls Lisa Damico ,Dede Lincoln and Merry Dolan.We all should be so lucky Only kidding everyone looked great.Do you realize if we wait 10 more years we'll all be close to 60.

10/28/08 05:05 PM #78    

Meredith Lincoln (Borruso)

I just posted pictures from my camera - give a look!

10/28/08 05:06 PM #79    

Meredith Lincoln (Borruso)

Sue - are you trying to freak us all out! We will be young forever!!!!

10/28/08 05:23 PM #80    

Allison Ford

I want to thank everyone who had a part in planning the weekend. I had a fun, hilarious time. I did not get to talk to all of the people I would have liked to. The play was a trip, too. Gregg is one of my brother Darrel's best friends. I had the pleasure of seeing the show in NYC about 6 years ago. Many of the people in that audience were not from Babylon, and they still found a lot of familiar people in the cast. Seeing it in Rowe Auditorium was really special. The auditorium and its lobby have not been changed much at all and I loved that. My parents and two of my brothers came to the show. It was especially poignant for me because the show honors some people who are no longer with us. Coincidently, the day after the reunion was the 36th anniversary of the death of my sister, Claire Ford. She passed away from Cystic Fibrosis when she was 15 and in 9th grade. I was 12 and still in 6th grade. It was bittersweet following along to BHS without her. But, last weekend was all about remembering the good people and good times. Sometimes it freaks me out to realize how "old" we are, but at the same time I am grateful to be here and happy to see that so many of us are doing so well. Life is good!

10/28/08 07:49 PM #81    

Marc Kinzer

the reunion was a smash hit had a great time glad to see you all...thanks to keely and everbody for working so hard was well worth it and the show was just great...really enjoyed it...marc kinzer

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