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11/25/08 07:41 AM #107    

Meredith Lincoln (Borruso)

How about Mary Carol's on Friday between 6 & 7 - do a happy hour abd see if anything comes up after that. We will get there before all the college folks and have a nice place to meet. Anyone interested? I'll see you there
: )

11/28/08 08:56 AM #108    


Barbara Froehlich (Henderson)

Boohoo.... I want to be there! Hey, I will be there in spirit - have fun!! I'm on my way to a Wedding Venue Tour at the Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo!!

11/28/08 12:29 PM #109    

Meredith Lincoln (Borruso)

Hope you're Thanksgiving was a good one Barbara - yes you will be missed. Let us know when you are up in NY next time and we will try another get together of sorts.

11/29/08 11:56 AM #110    

Meredith Lincoln (Borruso)

Hi and Happy Thanksgiving. I posted a few photos from our night out Friday. We had a great time. Great to see Kathy Gutman - she really looks the same!

12/02/08 05:12 AM #111    

Linda Mastro (Tome)

Great pictures Dede. Thank you and thanks to all for posting the great photos.
Dede, the guy on the left in your last photo is John Brabant. They live in Vermont -- he must have been "Home for the Holiday".
Is anyone making a plan for Christmastime??

12/02/08 12:52 PM #112    

Meredith Lincoln (Borruso)

Hey Linda - it was so funny that I turned around to take a picture of Chris Cox and John was there. He recognized me but I had no idea who he was until he told me -then of course I see it in the eyes! He and Kathy always did look alike! It was great seeing folks and Sue & I were hoping to see people more often. I don't know - does anyone have any Babylon Christmas plans??

12/14/08 07:48 AM #113    

Tina Verdino

I want to wish everyone a great holiday season.

12/22/08 01:31 AM #114    

Charlie Albanese

Hi everyone, I am sorry I couldn't make it in for this reunion it looks like it was awesome.Thanks to everyone who posted photos the pics were great. It makes me feel even worse that I didn't get in there for it. Everyone looks good and I am looking foward to being at the next reunion to see everyone. Brian's video was a fantastic way for those of us who couldn't be there to experience some of the day.I hope the next one is sooner then ten years away. Well Merry Christmas to all and a Happy and healthy New Year.

12/23/08 03:30 PM #115    

Maria Cotto (Gargano)


Wishing all a joyous, laughter, and peace to you!

Woo Hoo!! Here comes 2009!!

12/24/08 09:45 AM #116    


Barbara Froehlich (Henderson)

To my wonderful Class of 1978 friends... Merry Christmas, Warm Holiday Wishes, and Happy, Happy New Year to you and your families. I miss you all already - and I miss the holidays when lots of people would come back to town and we would all meet at one bar or another!! I am blessed, though - most of my family lives in the same community and sometimes Kevin, Diane, and the kids come to town for Christmas - but not this year :(
Contained within this message is a HUGE hug for each and every one of you - feel the love baby!!!! Peace, Barbara

12/24/08 09:50 AM #117    


Barbara Froehlich (Henderson)

Bodyboarding video featuring my son and his friends. See if you can copy and paste the above (not sure it will work)

12/31/08 04:11 PM #118    

Marc Kinzer

want to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year

05/19/09 09:05 PM #119    

Colleen Kelly (Haughwout)

okay looking forward to seeing you all this summer!! Volley Ball , barbecue and what ever, lets all look at dates. August I am open for the most part not the last part going to Utah, do not ask why...July almost totally open , so a great party???? Camping. we can do it Let me know .

06/02/09 10:08 AM #120    

Elizabeth Seyler (Davis)

Hi Colleen...
Sounds great to me...
My weekends open are
July 11, 18th, and August 15, 22, & 29.
Let me know when you get a date picked....
talk with you soon..

07/21/09 12:41 PM #121    

Maria Cotto (Gargano)

Hey...where'd everybody go?
Kevin Donohue is planning a Bar-B-Que at Belmont on Saturday, August 29. The plan is to meet at 12 noon and everyone brings their own families/food. Set up is at 10am....I've had family picnics there in the past and we've always gotten there at 8 to grab some picnic tables and a bar-b-que pit for our spot before all the spots were taken. To rent a pavillion is $250 and really not necessary...if it rains, bring tarp! Suggestions? Anybody joining us? It'll be a nice way to re-reconnect and end the summer....Hope all is well with everyone.

07/23/09 11:56 AM #122    

Maria Cotto (Gargano)

Additional Details:

You may want to bring your own grill if you don't like public grills (or you can cheat and stop at a deli on the way there and not worry about the cooking thing...) and if you have an Empire Passport (NY State parking permit that's the sticker for all NYS parks; Robert Moses, Captree, Hither Hills, Belmont, Hecksher, etc...) then you don't have to pay the parking fee which is about $6 - $8. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather!!

07/25/09 05:53 PM #123    

Kevin Donohue

I've been telling people coming to the barbeque on August 29 to look for orange and black balloons turns out Belmont Lake State Park doesn't allow them. So no balloons.

07/26/09 02:30 PM #124    

Maria Cotto (Gargano)

Let's do orange and black plastic tablecloths and signs instead if no balloons.

08/01/09 01:30 PM #125    

Maria Cotto (Gargano)

Do you use FACEBOOK? Gregg Tome will be performing Back to Babylon at Ocean Beach the evening of the Bar-B-Que quite by if you're planning on attending the Bar-B-Que you may want to see the show that evening. The show is scheduled at 8pm at the
Ocean Beach Community Arts Center on Fire Island. You can see more details on Facebook.

01/11/10 04:43 PM #126    

Kevin Curran

I have posted class pictures of Miss Levinson's kindergarten and Mrs. Harman's 4th grade. If I locate the class picture for Mrs. Vorbau's 5th grade homeroom, I'll post that as well. I've also included pictures of two Little League teams.

I guessed on some of the identifications and I'm missing many names, so any help completing them would be appreciated!

07/04/10 12:56 PM #127    

Linda Mastro (Tome)

Hi all --  OK-  we need to start using this website again --  We're falling out of touch --  Is anybody in a cruise reunion?  If so, please post a response whether you'd be interested in the summer of 2011 or the winter of 2011 to get away from the cold  --  majority rules -- If some of us are interested (Bill and I definitely are), I will start planning something

07/19/10 01:42 PM #128    


Barbara Froehlich (Henderson)

I am always checking the site and seeing if anyone else has been on the forum or updated their profiles - I really wish people were using it! While I would be on board for a winter getaway, I'm afraid too many may not be able to do the whole cruise expense. We could also do a destination thing where people could choose the number of days they can afford? Any input classmates???

03/31/11 02:04 AM #129    

Rafael Nieves

Hey Everyone  SPRING is here! Hopefully warmer weather too!! Hope all is good. When are we getting together with classes of 1977 and 1979? Hope it happens by 2013. GO PANTHERS!


03/31/11 08:39 PM #130    

Kevin Curran

Another note about a former classmate who moved on before graduation.  Today's episode of Swift Justice with Nancy Grace included a case featuring Lalise Graves.  I have been in contact and confirmed she is the same girl we went to school with until she moved to Centereach.

You can check the video here by clicking on Thursday's show:
(Lalise is the woman with long hair.)


05/21/12 06:12 PM #131    

Joann Larosa (Mahr)

Well I too wish I had used this service more often....It sure can be a real tool to keep in touch and now that I can actual type  I think I will use this more often.....I know many of us have made it into our 50's!!!! Hahaha can't believe I am saying that,but life goes so fast that I want to say I remember alot of you fondly and this class was one of the friendliest and caring people that I remember Thanks for the memories. Please keep writing and if you remember something fun and even sad that you want to share. I will forever be a member of the Babylon class of '78  Best wishes to all Joann LaRosa Mahr

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